MEN: Do you wanna shrink your gut and finally know the right exercises that will give YOU a 6 Pack?

3 Of The Worlds Most Popular Ab Exercises That Will NEVER Shrink Your Gut OR Give You 6 Pack Abs

(#3 can actually HURT you!)

Were you aware that 3 of the most popular and commonly recommended ab exercises including sit-ups do nothing for you when it comes to shrinking your gut and building 6 pack abs? Even worse, did you also know that science has PROVEN that these exercises can actually harm the disks of your spine leaving you with severe back pain and nerve damage?

It’s true! And the saddest part to me is that every single day these 3 terrible ab exercises are being recommended to men as a gut shrinking ab building solution when studies now show the EXACT opposite is true.

Today that changes, because the short article below will teach you the 3 ab exercises you must AVIOD and the Dr. approved, correct way to train your abs so you can safely shrink your gut and work towards the 6 pack abs you’ve always wanted.

Here They Are:

3 Of The Worlds Most Popular Ab Exercises
That Will NEVER Shrink Your Gut OR
Give You 6 Pack Abs…


Trust me when I say that crunches DO NOT work! I can say this because at one point in time before I learned the right way to train my abs, I fell prey to the 1,000 crunches a day program and the only thing I got from it was a sore neck and a rug burn on my back.

In fact, did you know that according to Men's Health, it takes 250,000 crunches to burn less than 1lb of fat?

That's terrible but it's not the real reason crunches don't work for you...

The real reason why crunches simply don’t work is because they only target your rectus abdominis muscles (see the pic to your left).

If your goal is to shrink your ugly gut then this is a huge problem!

That’s because your rectus abdominis muscles run vertically across your stomach which means that endless sets of crunches not only WILL NOT shrink your waistline, they can actually make your gut stick out more :(

If you want to legitimately shrink your waistline while building strong 6 pack abs, then the key is to activate the inner muscles of your core using a special set of exercises that I’ll share with you on the Next Page. These unique exercises will instantly shrink your waistline, increase your core strength, reduce the risk of you getting back injuries and even improve your digestion.


Ahhh side bends… This exercise has been worthlessly passed down for generations and it’s time to make it stop. No one and I repeat, NO ONE has ever shrunk their gut (especially their love handles) doing side bends.

The reason for this is because the main function of your oblique muscles is actually to resist rotation not bend you from side to side. In FACT, according to Dr. James Vegher, “exercises like the side bend are worthless in your pursuits for a shrunken gut and can even HARM you by improperly coordinating the stabilizers of your core.”

And while you should definitely AVOID doing side bends, the next exercise which is The Most Popular Ab Exercise In The World has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to do more harm then good…


My jaw hit the floor when I saw the results of this scientific study…

"Herniation (posterior and posterior-lateral regions of the annulus) occurred with relatively modest joint compression but with highly repetitive flexion/extension moments. Increased magnitudes of axial compressive force resulted in more frequent and more severe disc injuries."

Callaghan, J.P., and McGill, S.M. (2001) Intervertebral disc herniation: Studies on a porcine model exposed to highly repetitive flexion/extension motion with compressive force. Clin. Biom. 16(1): 28‐37.

This study was performed by the worlds top spine health expert Dr. Stuart McGill. What they concluded was that repetitive flexion and extension of the spine caused spinal disk herniation!

EVEN WORSE… The more reps you do the higher your risk for back pain and slipped disks! But, that’s not even the worst part...

The worst part is, just like crunches and side bends, sit-ups target specifically the vertical rectus abdominis muscles which means that you can not only hurt your back, your gut can also get bigger!!!

By now I’m sure you’ll agree that you should AVOID these 3 ab exercises and use exercises that were designed to safely and effectively shrink your gut while building a strong core, NOT injure you or make your gut worse, right?

Now that you know sit-ups, crunches and side bends are terrible for your back and will NEVER shrink your gut, I also wanted to make sure and point out that even “the good exercises” like planks and leg raises are done WRONG 99% of the time?

To be honest, even with over 11 years of experience training over 540 clients in person I still didn’t know the proper way to train your abs until I met the Dr. I’m about to introduce to you…

He’s the only guy I’ve ever met who understood the true function of your abs and the unique Core Activation Sequences that he shared with me not only shrunk my gut, it made every exercise of my workouts feel easier and significantly safer.

The reality is, if your not getting the gut shrinking results you want from your ab training, then it’s not you, it’s the exercises you’ve been using. The good news for you is, the Dr. created ab training sequences I’m gonna show you on the Next Page can noticeably shrink your gut in a matter of just a few WEEKS. But I have to warn you…


These Ab Training Secrets
Were Painful For Me To Come Across!

Ok… It’s time to level with you…

If you’re not interested in learning the unique Core Activation Sequences that I’ve recently come across then my bet is you’ll end up looking at your gut in the mirror a year from today disappointed with the lack of results you’ve gotten. That’s fine with me.

But if your at all interested in learning the right way to train your abs, that will shrink your waistline, strengthen your core and put you on the path to 6 Pack abs in a matter of weeks, then the Next Page will share with you the series of seemingly painful events I had to go through to discover the New Ab Training Method that my good friend Dr. James Vegher is about to teach you…